Are you a Beta Reader? Want to swap?

Hello fellow, writers, authors, publishers, readers,
I’ll swap with Beta Readers for my MG, historical, paranormal manuscript. 53,000 words. Want an honest critique. I’ll do the same for you.
Theme: loss, feelings of guilt, frustration, anger, love, acceptance, hope and coming of age.
The setting: 1957, New Hampshire, fictional farming town on the Saco River, cradled in the White Mountains.
Tim will be 13 in 4 days. His two friends are 15 and 14. All have experienced the loss of a parent.
tbwavestandbyjo-2017-72dpirHere is the blurb:
Tim refuses to accompany his dad to the woods. His preference: digging for worms. This decision cost him his dad.
One year later, desperate to have things back as they were, Tim convinces his best friend to help him find the key—a bear—that could help bring his dad back. His dad had spoken of the bear. But Tim hadn’t asked enough questions. Where and how can he find this creature? On their quest to the Saco River, searching for the bear, unexpected events unfold.
A girl, and neighbor to Tim, spots the boys’ early morning departure from her kitchen window. Hurt at not being included in what looks like a planned picnic, curiosity takes over. She follows, unwittingly placing herself in danger. Unable to get back home she is lost. A storm is brewing nearby and it’s coming her way.
The boys are trapped in a flooded cave. Their food is limited. How long will it take for the River to recede? How can they find the bear if they are trapped? Tim has to convince his friend to believe in the bear, that it will rescue them like it had rescued his dad years before. But did Tim really believe? His roller-coaster of emotions confuse him. Is he angry at his dad for leaving? He doesn’t think so. But then—
The three find themselves in a world that is like theirs—but not like theirs. They befriend a very old Indian couple. Perhaps the old couple knows where the key to Tim’s desire  can be found.
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Helpful critiques are always welcome.
Thanks for reading.

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