Gloomy day. Song I know and No Umbrella.

Gloomy day.

Rain, rain, rain. Feet sink into a soft carpet of wet. It squirts as the foot presses into the mass of mud and water and grass. A miserable way to get to the bath house. After taking a shower I stepped outside only to slip in the mud in my plastic sandals. Of course, the sandals, which have air holes, immediately filled with mud. So back to the bath house. Immerse foot in sink along with sandal.

Shower? Just stand in the rain long enough and you’ll be clean. Help preserve our precious water supply.

The sun peeked for a bit at mid morning, now it is back to gloom. I remember songs learned in grammar school. Don’t know the title, but the words are “Raining, it keeps on raining, no use complaining, just wait a while. And we’ll have sunshine, the summer time kind, come on and don’t mind, let see you smile … .” and it goes on. Anybody know that song? Oh my. The sun is peeking out again.;-)

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