Echinecia with Easel

Echanecia with Easel, painted in my studio.

This is a watercolor study painted in my studio.

Echinacea is Nature’s remedy for a cold or flu. It is also known as the Purple Cone Flower.

I believe most people are familiar with its tea, or extract. Whenever I feel the onset of symptoms for a cold or flu I immediately go to the fridge and take the extract. My husband warily acquiesced to my recommendation to take one dropper-full when he had a nasty cold. Within an hour he felt great.

For more information about the plant, visit The History of Echinacea.

English: Echinacea pallida, Asteraceae, Pale P...

English: Echinacea pallida, Asteraceae, Pale Purple Cone-flower, inflorescence. The plant is used in homeopathy as remedy: Echinacea (Echi.) Deutsch: Echinacea pallida, Asteraceae, Prärie-Igelkopf, Blasser Igelkopf, Blütenstand. Die Pflanze wird in der Homöopathie als Arzneimittel verwendet: Echinacea (Echi.) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Another site that is informative is The History and Traditional Use of the plant. This site will give your further information about herb and drug interaction, contraindications, etc.

Before you take any herbs, do lots of research first. Go to legitimate websites such as .org or .edu, which are there to give information. A .com site will most likely want to sell the product and give a biased recommendation of what is good for you.

If you decide to take any herbs, tell your Primary Care Physician. If you doctor doesn’t know about the plant, share your research and ask him/her to do research based on your medical history. Most doctors will do it. Ask for information in printed format for review. Seek a second opinion—visit a reputable naturopathic physician.

Hope this helps. Send a comment.

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2 Responses to Echinecia with Easel

  1. Bonnie Ainsworth says:

    Beautiful painting. Ours are huge this year and you’ve captured the essence perfectly.


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