Been Rewriting—Still.

Got to admit—the manuscript is a whole lot easier to read and sounds more interesting than my very first draft from years ago.

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Yes, years ago. I started writing part-time. Life seemed to catch up with me with so many demands.


Employment, obligations to Hubby, family, home maintenance, house building, house updates, house repairs, moving and moving again, house re-designing, employment, painting, galleries, volunteering, PC issues—Hubby’s.

Then there are the holidays followed by R & R.

Years worm their way into all this activity and voila, here I am years later.

Life is is too short to not smile! Infographic

It gets shorter. Some of my friends are unable to do things they enjoyed in the past. In the past? My past was full of must dos. I need to focus on making up for the past. To be me. To do for me.


Back to my re-writes.

I still like my story. I’ve re-written it so many times, fixing; changing little things. Now I must develop my characters more by changing dialogue, adding dialogue and descriptions. I’ve changed Tim’s, the protagonist, attitude. He is not the super nice kid he once was. No one is that nice or passive. He is an angry kid filled with denial. He undertakes a journey to get the answers he needs—to go on.

Tim must survive challenges without his dad. He and his friend are trapped. They must find a way out. He has to find a special bear his dad told him about before he died.

tbwavestandbyjo-2017-72dpirMy Questions to you?

  • Are you a beta reader who can give an honest opinion? Where can I find one?
  • Where can I find an editor to read the manuscript; to make recommendations.
  • Do you have tips on publishing or self-publishing.

Leave a comment. Like my page and share.


“Smile in your mirror every day.” Jo M. Orise

About jmorise

I'm just a Mainer living on the seacoast. In this setting, I find inspiration, which guides me to artistic adventure and helps foment imagery, which enhances my writing process. A writer's group is a must for any writer. Loving your work means you have the courage to delete words, paragraphs, chapters. As in artwork—not everything you create will be a masterpiece. Nightmares don't always happen at bed-time. Being classified as an author is my goal. Welcome to my writer (soon-to-be-author) web site . Keep in mind, "soon" is a relative term at this moment. Other interests: writing short stories, poetry, painting, illustration, and special projects. Many of my art works hang in private collections in homes and businesses in the US and overseas. Check my virtual art portfolio at
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