My Cramped Grey Cells

Must I? I must.

man hitting head on wall

photo by: Daniel Mingook Kim,  Hitting your head against a solid wall.

The deeper I travel into the Internet’s social networks, I seem to miss a step here and there.

Teaching Computer science years ago, social media was not tolerated. It was blocked from the classroom.

Social media was of no interest to me then.

Now I’m immersed in it with my art and writing sites.

I designed and still manage my websites. I solve most of our PC troubles.

I understand software, pretty much immediately. I try thinking like a programmer…”What would he/she want us to do at this moment. PC’s are programmed to do what you tell them to. If something isn’t happening. Then you’ve missed a step.

That’s me. The deeper I travel into the Internet’s social networks, I seem to miss a step here and there.

What’s it like?

It’s like my brain sitting upside down in my skull. Diagnosis: brain cramp.

Some of the quirky settings and setups written into a website’s instructions are sometimes confusing.


Flea markets. Yeah. That’s what it’s like.

I prefer order. Bring me to busy, disorganized flea market and I gag. I want everything ordered by color, size, price, quality, etc. Doesn’t everyone? Mass confusion is what I see. My whole body groans.

Meanwhile I am trying…my grey cells are trying…really hard to understand the nuances in some of these social media sites.

Am I learning? I think I am. Someone suggested I join That was pretty basic. I think. I joined, but haven’t made use of it yet.

Another recommended Uh… What is that? People snapping pics, sharing? Why? Seeking comments. I haven’t figured how one even makes a post with pictures, and I can’t find links for posting comments, unless I comment on someone’s post. VERY frustrating.

These social media sites are purported to be a great help for my career. Whether it be .org .biz .edu .mnlop site, I barely understand some of them. Their links are not obvious. Their goals unclear, at least, for me. 

My brain is working hard, doing push ups and sit ups. It ain’t quite up to speed for social networking yet. Well for some of it, anyway. Guess I’ll take a break. I feel a cramp coming on.

Anyone out there feel the same?




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