A Sequel Added to the Process

I was told, years ago, that it was a good thing to have a sequel…not a guarantee, but a help.

It took many, many years to write my first Manuscript. I just wrote, struggling to get it right. I managed to obtain several critiques from talented, published authors. Later I sought and got more than one beta reader’s input.

Learning HOW to write is very hard work. Although I had lots to learn, I found it to be lots of fun. I still enjoy learning how to write fiction.

While years passed before I finished the first story I believed in, a sequel was nagging at me. Therefore, once the first MS was completed, I pulled out the few pages I had started for the sequel. Fitting it in my crazy, busy life, I started writing it last summer. Presently, I am working on the climax of this second manuscript.

I hope to publish both manuscripts at some point. But that is the rub…HOW and where to publish. I hope to Indie publish with help from a team of professionals who will guide me.

My goal: To tell a story important to me and share my views with the MG reader and a sequel (which is two years later with the same characters) with the YA reader in story form. A story of life, love, loss and freedom—coming of age. 🙂

Anyone willing to provide suggestions on how find a good editor for proofreading a 50,000 word YA novel and suggest how to publish will be much appreciated.

Also, how do authors promote their presence and their work?

Social media boggles my mind. My platforms are FB, Twitter, and WordPress. I have blogged for several years, talking about me and often comment on my writing journey…I get a lot of “hits,” a fair amount of likes, but very few responses.

I Had To Put It Into Words

What is River Fork?

A coming of age YA story.

Why did I write it?

As a former teacher, I encouraged my high school students to write. One  particular assignment required an autobiography titled: “Fact, Fiction or Fix-it Autobio.”  Over the years my students, because of the title, felt comfortable enough to share stories I would never have been privy to.


comment to beta read

I empathized at how much some had suffered in their short life. In particular was the loss of a parent, sibling or  a friend.

My mother died in a fire — my sister and I witnessed the event. I was five, my sister was seven. Needless to say, we never forgot. It is indelibly etched in my memory. So much detail for such a young mind.

Being aware of my students’ stories, a story evolved in my head for two years. My brain cranked out scenarios. At first it was a morass of imagery. How would I best present my idea. Picture book? Children’s book? Family story book? I wasn’t a writer. I wrote poetry and still do and tuck it away in a briefcase. But writing a book?

Since I am an artist, I began with cute pictures and stories. Then the story grew. It didn’t need to be cute — loss is not cute. I needed honesty and a theme, a plot, etc… . What did I get myself into?

I had to put it into words. As I began the writing process, I adjusted the length and breadth of the story. Years later, I found time in my retirement to finish the MS.

These last four years were devoted to researching the writing craft, improve my writing skills and understanding the different publishing options. Needless to say, the times have surely changed the publishing process since I first put pen to paper.

The story:

  • Timeline: 1957
  • Theme: the loss of a parent.
  • Setting: fictitious town of River Fork, NH.
  • Characters: Three neighboring teens who live in  a farming community.
  • It is about coming of age, death, forgiveness, hope and faith, budding romance.
    • It contains a bit of paranormal (no magical potions, witches, vampires, violence, etc…)
Are you a beta reader?

The MS has been line critiqued and gone through several revisions

Presently, I need a critique from a few beta readers willing to give me an honest review. Comment if interested.

If you wish to work with me in this endeavor, your name will be mentioned in the credits and I will gift you a digital copy of my YA novel once it is published.


I’ve since begun a sequel—Roach’s story.

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