My Characters Are Working Hard…Me Too.

Oh, I’m still around.

Life’s chocolate box is interesting and challenging at times.

Yes, I’m still working on my second manuscript.

Very near the end and have hit a writer’s block…or is it a cement wall…a wall…a void…a whatchamacallit. Whatever it is, I’ve hit it.

Crow bar…aka wrecking bar.

I need to finish this manuscript.

I will. I will.

There is a wrecking bar down in the basement. That might do the trick. Yeah…sit and meditate on a wrecking bar.

Or is it a crow bar? No matter, they both can wreck a wall in no time.

Have used a wrecking bar before…or was it a crow bar. No matter, I do have carpentry skills…built my first home, Post and Beam. Mostly alone…took 4 years.

Then I married and built two more homes with Hubby. We added to each property a separate 4-bay, 2-story garage.

I should have been writing instead.

Wait. I WAS writing – actually trying to fit it in whenever I had a few minutes or hours. Not enough for me to be happy about the little time devoted to the craft of writing.

Life goes by quickly, don’t you know…with lots of distractions…intrusions…etc..

With writer’s block, it is sometimes advised to read a book…focussing on other than your usual choice of genre. So, I picked up a Sci-Fi novel…not my usual interest. It’s interesting so far.

Meanwhile, my characters will have to be patient. I’ll be back and let them know what gives. That’ll be interesting.

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