What the Blog For?

I have too many blogs!

cartoon by j.m.orise (aka: j.s.cabana
“Just One of Those Days”.
caricature postcard series
by J.M.Orise (formerly: J.S.Cabana)

A platform is important for an artist in any medium. But how many? Two FaceBook pages, Twitter, Blogger, WordPress, LinkedIn. Somehow, YouTube and Google+ slipped in!

Enough already!

Okay, calm down.

I taught computer science for over twenty years. FaceBook can’t be difficult to use—can it?

In a public school, FaceBook, YouTube and similar sites were blocked to protect students from unsuitable posts. Result: I too avoided these sites.

Now, here I am crawling through a jungle of strangers,  ads, add a friend links, etc… . My students did this at home! Alone! In their rooms at night! The promise of a secure account promoted an enthusiasm to commit themselves. Why not? No one sees their posts unless they are a friend… . Err-r.

Possible artifice in social networking emphasizes caution.

The same caution I had preached to my students—their eyes rolling upward into their little foreheads. I asked how many had ever experienced a best friend’s betrayal? Eyes snapped down now focusing on each other.

So why trust everyone who claims to be your friend with a “like me” invitation? I check out the suitor by clicking the avatar or going to their blog, site, etc.

Perhaps a “can assist” or a “can sponsor” link is needed instead? “Friend” sounds too—intimate. Too demanding.

How often are you expected to relate with a thousand +/- friends?

Do you ignore three hundred friends for the sake of maybe, ten really good friends? How do you make it up to those other ignored “friends?” What will they think?

How about a “Deal With It” or “Sorry I ignored you” link?

Depends on your temperament.

Once I’ve authored a post, I hesitate. Am I ready to post? Days later, I press the post button. Perhaps someone will read this one.


Barely anyone bothers. I’ve bumped into one person who reported, “Hey, I read your blog! My husband laughed. He thought it was pretty funny.”

But there are no comments. Not even a g+1. “Like.” What is that? Oh, yeah. It’s a way to receive RSS feedback whenever clicked at someone’s post. I think.

I am an artist. Do you know how difficult it is for an artist to write about what is going on? Artists are private people—well, a lot of them are. I spend hours at the easel or at the computer composing a story, a blog, editing pictures, returning to the easel touching up a painting because I had a better idea.

No one is there to tell me what to do. No one drops in. Friends? Where are they when I get happy or frustrated. How about a slap on the “Like” or a “You Done Good ” link 😉 . Not the same as a slap on the back is it?

Psychology 101 emphasizes touch is important in any relationship. Hugs. Perhaps I should hug my PC when I see a “Like” designation for one of my posts. Blissful tears are for comments.

Research indicates I need a platform. Without it, no one will find me interesting and I may never get to publish a novel, or sell it either. Who made these rules? If I create art or stories and am serious about my craft, why does the public have to know what I am doing Wednesday, April 26, 2017 at 2:30 PM?

I think about goings on in our troubled world: the wars, the ecology, the economy, the tragedy, the politicians who do nothing… .

Really? You want to be my friend? Comment me already.

Tonight I thought I was on Blogger. I later realized I was on Google+! Looks a lot like Blogger. But less elegant.

Conclusion: I’ll have to delete a few accounts. What will I keep? FaceBook, WordPress and Twitter? Will Blogger have to go?

I just returned from another browser drill down. Good news. I found what I needed! WordPress has share settings that send posts to FB and Twitter. Ah-h. Perhaps it won’t be so bad. My finding led me to my Blogger account. What do you know. It too transmits to FB and Twitter.

So you see. IT isn’t so bad after all.

But who will know what I write? Will anyone read this blog? A comment will notify me. No comment will notify me. I think the instruction manual mentioned crossing one’s fingers before pressing the post button.

Another one of my postcard series
“Just One of Those Days – Sun lover”

My eyelids droop—a reminder of other needs. I am about to fall asleep at the blog wheel. Strap your seat-belt. I’ll be back soon. Decisions can not be made in a somnolent state.


Comments? Click the link below. I look forward to a blissful tear or two. Cross your fingers.

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